Destrée Organisation today stands out by its unique form, comparable to that of a firm of lawyers, at the service of its customers. In 2011, after 20 years at the head of competing companies, Nicolas Le Brun and Sam van de Kerckhof decided to join forces. At the same time, and after 10 years of close collaboration with Nicolas, Catherine Dierckens also became a partner.

Surrounded by a team of dedicated project managers and assistants, the three partners (shareholders), bring their industry knowledge and their expertise in a common goal of success.

The Destrée Organisation team: multilingual professionals, dedicated, responsible, young, creative, disciplined and above all ... passionate about their work!

The Destrée Organisation methodology: to ensure optimal synergy with the client and stakeholders in order to ensure the total success of the mission. Rigorously apply the techniques of time management, structuring the organisation according to a detailed scenario and a roadbook containing critical path (steps?), allocate and coordinate the various tasks.