REFERENCES – A selection of meetings

            Since 2009, we have organised annually more than 200 meetings (from 20 to 150 delegates) and 15 conferences (from 100 to 8000 delegates),

            in Brussels and abroad.


            EIGA Winter Seminar, Brussels Sheraton Hotel, (250 part.), since 2011

            High Level Conference - A new start for Social Dialogue, Brussels (450 part.)

            Employment and Labour High-Level working Group Meeting,  Towards inclusive labour markets and decent jobs: Transitioning

            from the informal to the formal economy in the Mediterranean region,  Brussels, (80 part.)


            EIGA Winter Symposium - since 2011, (Sheraton, 200 part.)
            Annual Convention of the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion, Brussels (600 part)
            High Level conference on Labour Economics after the crisis, Brussels (300 part)

            Canal Days 2014 - Urban areas in transformation in Brussels and Europe, Brussels (500 part)


            19th informal meeting of European Housing Ministers, Brussels (80 part)
            OPEN DAYS 2013, 10th European Week of Regions and Cities - since 2012 (5000 part.)

            Launch of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. Filling the gaps: E-skills and education for digital jobs  (Marriott, 400 part.)
            Roularta Data News Awards for Excellence, (Tour&Taxis, 950 part.)


            European Job-days – Berlaymont building (9000 visitors – since 2008)
            European Development Days, (Tour&Taxis, 2000 part.)
            European Symposium for Family Assistants with HRH Princess Mathilde of Belgium (Atelier des Tanneurs, 200 part.)


            WINDVISION, Inauguration of the Windpark - Estinnes (700 part.)
            FPS EMPL, High-Level Conference on « Partnership on Social Dialogue » (Egmont Palace, 70 part.)

            ICIP Conference, Brussels (1220 part.)

            ENSACT Conference, Brussels: (650 part.)

            EIGA Winter Symposium, Le Plaza, Brussels, (265 part)

            Shared Social Responsibility, Council of Europe, (300 part)


            European Job-days – Berlaymont building (9000 visitors – since 2008)

            Conference “How to close the Gender Pay Gap” and “Women Ministers Summit” in the frame of the Belgian Presidency, for the Institute for the Equality of

            Women & Men.

            E.C. – DG Employment : Restructuring Forum (600 part.)

            CIAA conference - Confederation of the food and drink industries of the EU (Square, 450 part.), (depuis 2006)

            E.C. – EuropeAid : 12th EU NGO  Forum on Human Rights


            19th Alzheimer Europe Conference: Alzheimer Europe (350 part.)

            Social Fairness conference (520 part.)

            Europe Indonesia Business Dialogue (120 part.)

            ADISIF: Ceremony for Engineers (800 part.)

            European Job-days – Berlaymont building (9000 visitors)

            Eures 15th Anniversary (450 part.)


           29th FATIPEC Congress (European Paint Manufacturers Association) (350 part.)

           AIDCO staff day – (1000 part.)

           E.C. – DG Employment: Decent work conference (250 part.)

           NATO Science Committee meetings (since 1996)

           24th International Antiquarian Book Fair (since 1988): 80 exhibitors- 2000 visitors


           EU/India meeting – Lisbon (120 part.)

           VIVACE 3rd Forum – Toulouse (350 part.)

           EMIF : European Meeting Industry Fair : Hosted Buyers Programme (350 part.)

           AeroSME FP7 Workshop (200 part.)

           European Commission: High level meeting of Female Commissioners (300 part.)


           VIVACE 2nd Forum – Den Haag (250 part.)

           CIAA conference (450 part.)

           World Health Organisation and ISOP meetings – Liège (450 part)

           European Commission – Inaugural conference of the European Year of Workers Mobility (680 part.)

           TATEM Forum – Toulouse (100 part.)


           Ministry of Brussels Capital Region – Belgian Road Congress (450 part.) and exhibition (30 booths, +/- 5000 sq. m. exhibition)

           InterregIIIC Forum and Lead Partner Day  - Brussels (500 part.)

           Ministère Français de l’Emploi et du Travail & European Commission - Agora Equal - Paris (700 part.)

           VIVACE 1st Forum – Coventry (200 part)

           Acare Aerodays (450 part.)

           European Museum of the Year Award (200 part.)

           NATO Science Committee meetings (since 1996)


           European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs – Conference ‘European Commission Disability Conference’ – Sofia, Bulgaria (150 part.)

           Walloon Region : Colloquium : Les nouveaux outils de gestion de territoire (600 part.)

           European Commission, DG Employment and Social Affairs– Conference ‘Promoting social dialogue in an enlarged Europe’ (230 part.) – Ljubljana, Slovenia


           Eurocities – European Mobility Week Conference (160 part.)

           IBM – ICT and Early Learning in the Knowledge Society (120 part.)


           'Environment & Cooperation' conference –Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (150 part.)

           Brussels-Capital Region and Walloon Region : 3rd European Ministers conference on sustainable housing (120 part.)

           Enhance Forum 3 & AeroSME event (350 part), Toulouse

           Interreg IIIC info-days- (600 part.)


           Walloon Region : European Colloquium "Housing: A tool for social cohesion" (420 part.)

           Ministry of Economic Affairs - cycle of 6 conferences from September to November as part of the Belgian Presidency of the European Union (between 250 and 350

            part. per meeting)


           Bilderberg meeting

           European Schoolnet Conference "Learning in the new Millenium" & IBM (275 part.)

           Colloque "Psychiatrie, Art & Société", Le Code (250 part.)


           EFQM Forum 99 – European Foundation for Quality Management (1.000 part.)

           Transport & Logistics Conference "Shaping the Pan-European Supply Chains of the Future" - PriceWaterhouseCoopers & European Logistics Association (150 part.)


           European Schoolnet Conference "Making IT work for schools" - Swedish Permanent Representation to the E.U. & IBM (275 part.)

           Congrès Sanguinetti - Fondation Scientifique Jean Bastin asbl - assurance crédit (150 part.)


           National Forum "Les Enfants nous interpellent ..." - an initiative of the National Commission against Child Abuse (800 part.)


           European Automotive Forum (300 part.)

           24th colloquium on Day Clinics (300 part.)

           23rd FATIPEC Congress (400 participants) + exhibition

           Government of Brussels Region: Round table meeting on the project of an express rail network (300 part.)


           International congress Ethics and Freedom- Athens, Greece (600 participants)

           Business Process Reengineering Conference - Dr. M. Hammer (750 participants)

           13th International IMCoS symposium (160 participants) and fair - Antwerp


           Conference of Environment Ministers and Political Leaders of the Regions of the E. C. (300 p.)

           International Congress: Eating disorders: models, research and treatment (300 participants)


           Inaugural workshop of the European decade of Brain Research (300 participants)

           7th symposium on material and fluid sciences - ULB (300 participants)

           European meeting of the Econometric society - ULB (600 participants)

            ... plus many more events since 1958